Miracle Burn Camp: July 6-12, 2014
Camp Foster YMCA, Spirit Lake, Iowa


Miracle Burn Camp started at Camp Foster YMCA as a day camp in July of 1995 with just 9 children attending. Today the camp has grown to a weeklong camp with over 60 young burn survivors attending from all over Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Miracle Burn Camp is sponsored and staffed by St. Florian Fire and Burn Foundation members, nurses and staff from the University of Iowa Children's Hospital Burn Treatment Center, firefighters from around Iowa, and YMCA camp experts.

Miracle Burn Camp is like no other burn camp in the United States. Miracle Burn Camp is like a camp within a camp; it is the only burn camp that has both burned and non-burned children attending camp during the same week. All of the children, ages 8-18, come together as one big happy family, generally about 200-250 campers. Pediatric burn survivors who attend Miracle Burn Camp will experience the fun of camp and have an opportunity to be themselves in a non-threatening environment. They will meet others who have experienced similar feelings, fears and concerns. Many friendships have blossomed and grown throughout the years at this very special camp.

Miracle Burn Camp provides young burn survivors and their peers with a unique experience that promotes a social understanding of our children and their ability to be just like any other kids.

This experience helps to build self-esteem and to speed along emotional healing. Our children, through interaction with their peers and other young survivors, learn that they will not be judged by their scars but will be encouraged to see past them and to be themselves. This is done by encouraging our children to participate in all of the camp’s activities regardless of their disabilities. They develop a sense of self-worth and gain confidence in themselves.

The camp’s overall goal is to assist young burn survivors in returning to as normal a life as possible and to grow and function as normal adults. 

Our camp provides the following activities for our kids: horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, challenge courses, sailing, archery, fishing, arts and crafts, leadership and team building, shooting range

*Miracle Burn Camp is free to any child from our service area who has been treated for a burn injury or soft tissue wound requiring skin grafting.*

For more information contact the directors at
319-353-6024 or via our contact us page:

Miracle Burn Camp July 6-12, 2014. (Sunday through Saturday
2014 Camp Forms and Documents 

* = Forms that must be filled out by May 1st for your child to participate

Send a Child to Burn Camp!
$800 will cover all expenses
to send a burn survivor to 
burn camp this summer!


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