Phoenix SOAR

St. Florian Fire and Burn Foundation strives to support the burn survivor. Many St. Florian programs are joint efforts between the University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center. St. Florian endorses the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors’ SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) program and its efforts to match burn survivors with new patients in order to help them through the recovery process.

In this day of medical advances there remain two types of injuries that leave scars that are not only painful and long lasting but can be emotionally and mentally devastating. One of them is amputation and the other is a burn. Burns leave scars that last a lifetime and may require several surgeries to completely heal and regain mobility.

A person who has recovered from such an injury can understand the complexity of this healing process. St. Florian feels the SOAR program is necessary because burn survivors can truly demonstrate to others that survival and healing can be accomplished with the help of Peers.

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