Family Burn Camp

2024 Family Burn Camp Event

Join us August 9-11, 2024 at Camp Foster in Spirit Lake, IA. Families connect in a supportive environment in order to build relationships, encourage one another – and have fun!

Spots are limited. The deadline for registration is July 1st! 


In 2014, St Florian Fire & Burn Foundation partnered with the University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center to host the First Annual Family Burn Camp!  This has been a dream in the making, to provide support for not just the burn survivor, but the entire family!!!!

Burn survivors and their families gathered at Camp Foster YMCA in Spirit Lake over Labor Day weekend to participate in the first Family Burn Camp in Iowa. Family Burn Camp was inaugurated to provide an opportunity for survivors and their families to spend time together in a supportive environment in order to build relationships, encourage one another – and have fun! 


The inaugural Family Burn Camp was held in conjunction with Camp Foster’s Annual Labor Day Family Camp. This followed the model of Miracle Burn Camp, integrating burn survivor families with families who have not felt the impact of a burn injury. Burn Camp families were able to participate in the organized activities around camp and also spend time together as a group, sharing their stories and supporting one another. While all of the survivors participating this year were burn camp age or younger, in the future we would like to include burn survivors of all ages.

In 2015, Family Burn Camp was held at Camp Wapsie and was a huge success!

In 2016, thirteen families enjoyed the third annual Family Burn Camp, which was held at Camp Foster

In 2017, from August 18th-20th, sixteen burn survivor families gathered at Camp Foster for the 4th annual Family Burn Camp!

In 2018, the 5th annual Family Burn Camp was yet another great year.

In 2019, the 6th annual Family Burn Camp was held on August 16th-18th at Camp Foster.

Family Burn Camp in 2020 had to be canceled due to Covid-19. St. Florian is hoping to have Family Burn Camp in 2021.

Past Family Burn Camp Memories

Our focus is to support pediatric burn survivors from across the state of Iowa and surrounding states.

Our mission is empowering the burn community to come together, to build strength and hope along the journey and to become a unified voice for support and prevention.
St. Florian serves Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska.

"Words can not explain how truly blessed I have been to be able to volunteer and be a part of the St. Florian Fire and Burn Foundation Miracle Family Burn Camp ❤️ these beautiful, wonderful, and nothing less than amazing families have changed my life time and time again."

- Anonymous Volunteer