Miracle Burn Camp

Miracle Burn Camp began in 1995 and is the flagship program St. Florian Fire and Burn Foundation. Miracle Burn Camp is conducted by a staff of professional firefighters, burn survivors, burn care professionals, and YMCA camp experts. These volunteers serve as camp counselors and activity leaders.

Miracle Burn Camp is like no other camp. It is the only burn camp in North America with burned and non-burned children integrated into activities throughout the week.  Burn survivors aged 8 – 18 years of age, have the opportunity to be themselves in a non-threatening environment. They meet others who have experienced similar injuries, feelings, fears, and concerns. Many lifelong friendships have grown from this very special camp.

The Miracle Burn Camp experience helps build self-esteem and supports emotional healing, encouraging burn campers to live beyond the scars and to be themselves. Through structured activities they develop a sense of self-worth and gain confidence. Interaction with non-burn campers is a huge benefit to both the burn survivor and non-burn camper; a feeling of inclusiveness for the survivor and a life changing educational lesson for the non-burn camper.

Miracle Burn Camp Goals:

  1. Provide a fun summer camp experience in a non-threatening environment for children with burns.
  2. Provide esteem-building opportunities through physical activity and attainment of personal goals.
  3. Allow staff and patient interaction away from the intensity of painful procedures at the hospital.

Miracle Burn Camp will be held July 7 – 13th, 2019. Miracle Burn Camp is free to any child that was treated for an injury requiring skin grafting.  If you are interested in attending, please email Stacey Loen  (Email Stacey) or Bridget Werling (Email Bridget)  Please note counselors selected must attend a MANDATORY Training session/orientation on July 6.

Visit Camp Foster YMCA of the Okoboji’s website for a list of activities.

Miracle Burn Camp is a member of International Association of Burn Camps (IABC)

Hello past and future Miracle Burn Camp volunteers!

It might be snowing outside now, but in no time at all, it will be time to hang out in the sunshine by East Lake Okoboji with some of the most awesome burn survivors on the planet! As a reminder, here are the dates:

Staff Training all day on July 6th (except for bus volunteers)
Session 4 of Camp Foster: July 7-13.

There are three versions of the application:

· If you are returning as a volunteer, please complete the “RETURNER” version


· If this is your first time serving as a volunteer (weeklong volunteers), please complete the “FIRST TIMER” version


· If you are volunteering to ride the bus to camp with the campers, please complete the “BUS” version.


· Please return your application to Stacey Loen by April 15th (via email or post)
o Email: smloen@gmail.com
o 804 North Caleb Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

· Note: we have asked you to include your Social Security Number on the application. This is in the interest of streamlining the Background Check process once our 2019 volunteers have been chosen. Once Stacey has run the background check, she will obscure the SSN on the application so that it is no longer visible. If you would rather provide your SSN to Stacey directly, please give her a phone call.

· Reminder: Staff training is mandatory
Please understand that carpooling is highly recommended. We WILL NEED VOLUNTEERS to ride the buses HOME ON SATURDAY, July 13th. Our job as MBC staff does not end once the campers leave camp, it is our responsibility to also make sure they arrive home safely. That being said, Please consider carpooling up to camp so that we have staff to chaperone the two buses home. More to come on this 😉

Those who are selected as volunteers for 2019 will be notified in late May.

Please let Stacey know if you have any questions. Please feel free to share this information with anyone that you may think would be interested!!!

To all our past staff, thanks for the gift of your time and for being such an inspiration and role model for all of our campers. We could NOT do this without you! Thanks to all of you we will make Miracle Burn Camp 2019 a success!

Miracle Burn Camp Directors

Stacey Loen smloen@gmail.com

Bridget Werling miracleburncamp@gmail.com